How Does It Compare

Lightroom, Capture One, Bibble Pro and other RAW workflows are designed to „develop” RAW files and do some basic editing (denoising, sharpening, black & white conversion). They are fast, easy to use and should be used by all photographers who process hundreds of images every day.

Photoshop is an image editor capable of reading RAW files (via Adobe Camera Raw plugin) and editing them. It process images one by one and allows you to edit them using "masks", a graphics arts methodology. Selective editing is possible but can be cumbersome, and the graphics arts methodology, while it shares some aspects with photography, is essentially different from many traditional photographic editing methods.

In this case Lightzone is more like Photoshop than RAW workflows. It allows you to open images one by one and do selective edits; still it is not Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or any kind of its clones. It brings many new and unique features that are essential for photographers.

Remember that this is application for photographers, not for computer graphics. You can develop and retouch your images but forget about special effects and deep image transformations known from Photoshop.

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