How To Work

Do all the edits to the image and click "save as”. This will create an LZN-JPEG or LZN-TIFF (depending on your preferences). This file is not the output file but a snapshot used to save your work. Those files are ordinary JPEGs or TIFFs (so they can be read by other applications) with built-in additional data. This data is a complete set of information needed to reconstruct your edits (full tool stack with regions, crop, rotate, and even parent RAW file path). In fact when you open such a file to reedit it, Lightzone opens the parent RAW file and applies all the tools needed once again. Therefore you can cancel cropping or rotating and you don't loose any quality at all. The same is true with JPEG compressions (and TIFF's) – it does not matter how many times you reopen and re-save this file, it will open the original JPEG (or TIFF) and work on it every time. This is REAL non destructive editing (other applications use this term to express that the RAW file is never altered – this is of course true for Lightzone too).

When you need to create a full resolution and full quality TIFF or JPEG (without a built-in tool stack) use „convert” to save as ordinary TIFFs or JPEG. This step is absolutely not needed if you want to print from Lightzone.

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