Lzn Files

LZN-JPEGs and LZN-TIFFs are normal images, not degraded or attenuated ones. They are used as a tool stack container with a big preview. Therefore they usually have smaller resolutions to conserve disk space (you can set the resolution in preferences) and can have lower quality (for the same reason). Their size and quality may be really low and yet will still do their job and offer full quality when opened for editing.


The idea of non destructive editing (in Lightzone style) is to store information about the parent RAW file and about all edits rather than creating resulting image. When an LZN-JPEG or LZN-TIFF is opened Lightzone opens the parent RAW file and applies all edits from the beginning. This is not faster than standard procedure, but user always get full resolution, artifact free image with full undo option (even if the image was cropped it can be restored by simply removing the crop settings).

What will happen if I remove the parent RAW files?
You will get troubles. All LZN-JPEGs and LZN-TIFFs need parent RAW files, and users will be asked to show where the raw file is when Lightzone cannot find it. If this turns out to be impossible they will be useless. Other applications will still be able to use those files but only with their native resolution and quality.

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