Regions are a better version of masks known from other programs, and more analagous to the way dodging and burning was accomplished in a wet darkroom. They limit the effect of a tool to a specific user selected area. The most important feature of regions is their feathering area. It allows users to select a region less accurately and still get great results. In so doing it helps to ameliorate the sometimes odd effects of abrupt juxtapositions that working with masks can engender when done clumsily. Getting "gentler" , more natural transitions is extremely easy in Lightzone.

To set a region for a tool (on the tool stack) click the tool and then click region icon on top of the window. Select the type of region (see below), clicking one of the icons on the right, then simply click on the image setting the control points. Double-click to finish a region.

Remember you can always delete a region or re-edit it without need to delete a tool or use history/undo. You can also invert a region by clicking on the invert box on the tool interface (at the bottom).

There are three types of regions: spline, bezier and polygon. They function in the same way, but represent three different ways of connecting the user-selected control points.

You can download an article about Lightzones Regions visiting my website and exploring ARTICLES section.

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