Users can save so called styles (before Lightzone 3 they were called templates) and use them whenever needed. There are also styles provided by Lightcrafts which you can use right away (and more are available at the LightZone forums on the Lightcrafts home page). TIP: All users, but especially novices, should examine the tool stacks in the styles folder for insight into how individual tools and their combinations work and work together.

Consider styles as saved tool stack. When you select a style it is automatically applied on top of your current tool stack and you can see the result of this change on your image. If you want to select a different tool stack – just click another one, it will replace the tools from the previously selected ones with its own. If you want to permanently add the tools to your current image or delete them from the tool stack – use the buttons next to the style name.

If you want to save a new style you need to prepare all needed tools on the tool stack and click the save button on styles tab. You can even save a new, default, tool stack for RAW files from your camera if you select the right option from pop-up window.

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