Supported File Formats

Lightzone supports TIFFs (8 and 16 bit), JPEGs, and various RAW files. For complete list of supported cameras visit Lightcrafts homepage („supported” mean that Lightcrafts created default settings for images taken using this camera, ideally to make them look just like in-camera JPEGs; fortunately user can easily override those settings). New versions of Lightzone add support for new DSLRs, and if you think it is high time to support yours – just send them few good shots (colorful, sharp etc.) and wait for results.

DNG format is supported.

DSLRs by Sigma are not supported as they do not use bayer type sensors.

Remember that Lightzone uses DCRaw for raw decoding but its own algorithm for demosaicing. This mean that results do vary from other DCRaw based applications.

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