There are several tabs. In Browser mode Full version users have access to:

  • Folders

Click on "folders” tab on the left and you will have access to the file browser. Navigate to any folder you want and see thumbnails of all images inside (downloading the thumbnails may take some time) in thumbnails window.

  • Info

Select an image and open "info” tab on the right. It will show basic EXIF information as shutter speed, ISO etc. There is no access to more EXIF tags than this but the tab allows to edit IPTC data too. Remember that there are defaults for IPTC (go to „preferences” (from main menu) and type in default values for IPTC).

In Edit mode all users have access to:

  • Tools

The most important tab. It holds all tools and the tool stack; hide it if you want to have more room on display.

  • Styles

There is a list of available styles. Click on a style to use it. User can also delete styles or save current tool stack into a style (a big PLUS).

  • History

This is full editing history; use it as undo or fast way to get back to original image.

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